Why do I need to pay monthly fees on my website?

Who charges these fees?

After I've designed your site and handed it over to you to set it live, you'll need to setup a payment method with Rocketspark (this is all done in your Rocketspark dashboard which is easy to use!).

Most people opt to pay for their sites monthly, but there are options to pay yearly too.

These payments are all between you and Rocketspark - I do not charge a monthly fee myself!

What do the fees cover?

Monthly website fees are charged for a big range of reasons:

Access to your dashboard/editor
This might seem like a fairly obvious one, but is quite an important point. When you have your site with Rocketspark, you get access to your dashboard, where you can edit settings for your site. You can also jump into the site editor yourself if you're a DIY type and ever want to change anything around (and don't worry, I'm here to help if you mess something up - it happens!).

Rocketspark Support
This is an incredibly important point! Rocketspark has an awesome support team who are available 24/7 to help with anything related to the technical side of your site. If you're having problems with your domain name, billing, online store functionality or anything else like that, they're the people to talk to! Your monthly website fees allow you to have access to this awesome kiwi-based support.

Website Hosting
This is probably the biggest point. To put it simply, every website takes up space on the internet - and someone has to pay for that. Your monthly website fees help to cover these costs and allow your site to remain live on the internet. Keep an eye out for a future blog with some more info on domain hosting vs website hosting.

Regular Updates
Rocketspark is really great for continually bringing in new updates. These updates can include functionality improvements, design options and even DIY SEO tools. Your monthly website fees go towards ensuring Rocketspark can keep on bringing in these awesome updates that benefit all of us!

Want to know more?

The above points really only cover the basics of why you have to pay monthly website fees.

If you want to know more about what's included in the different monthly packages, get in touch with me.